Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mia's story: Williams Syndrome 'a blessing' for one Red Sox family

Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports reporter, wore a WS necktie at Game 1 of the World Series this past Tuesday. He wrote about his friend and Red Sox scout Amiel Sawdaye's daughter Mia, and her diagnosis 2 and a half years ago.

Mia Sawdaye was born on Jan. 16, 2013. As expected, she went right to the NICU. “She didn’t look abnormal at all. There was no sense that she was any different,” Amiel recalls. “But as we were sitting in the NICU, they sent a geneticist down. And the geneticist said to us that she basically had aortic stenosis, a thickening of the aorta. That’s typically a tell-tale sign of a lot of kids with Williams Syndrome.”

St. Maries boy with disorder finally gets in the game

Carson Wicks, 13, plays for the Lumberjacks and suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome. He hasn't played in a game all year and has begged his coach all season to put him in. That all changed on Saturday. ... "He said I was going to be the quarterback … I was like, Oh no. I might get hurt," Wicks said. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ottawa Sun articles

A couple good articles from the Ottawa Sun give some relevant info about WS.

Patients with Williams Syndrome are often plagued with eating difficulties, with many suffering from a sensitive gag reflex and raised levels of calcium. Feeding problems are what made Racey decide to take her daughter to CHEO originally and it continues to be a main focus in Violet's treatment plan as she is now fed through a feeding tube surgically inserted into her stomach. Racey is working hard to raise awareness and share knowledge about the condition so other families can consider it when searching for their own answers. "There are many doctors out there who know nothing about Williams Syndrome," said Racey, noting her own family doctor had never heard of it.

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