Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trenton Williams makes a big impact

Trenton makes a big impact:

"Trenton Williams, 12 has made a big impact on several lives. The 6th grade special needs patient recently went into kidney failure. Whether he's playing the piano, riding his bike or jumping on a trampoline. Trenton Williams always has a smile on his face. Little Trenton was born with a rare genetic disorder known as Williams Syndrome.
Last month things got worse when Trenton went in for a routine biopsy. The family learned less than 10 percent of his kidney was functioning. The Turner Elementary 6th grader was going into kidney failure.
When word got out that Trenton needed another kidney his mom Danielle was flooded with calls from people wanting to help including some city council members, school officials and friends.
Fortunately Danielle doctors called her on her birthday to let her know she and Trenton have matching blood types. In the next three months they will go to an hospital in New Orleans and make his dream a reality."

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