Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Madison musician debuts on MTV show

Madison musician debuts on MTV show- The New Haven Register - Serving Greater New Haven, CT:

"A Daniel Hand High School graduate who attended public schools in Fairfield and Madison, LeMieux was not diagnosed with Williams syndrome until age 12. He said he was bullied by some who didn’t understand him.

The camaraderie among castmates and the celebrities is part of what makes “How’s Your News?” special, LeMieux-Pocock said, even though some viewers might not know what to make of the program at first.

“I certainly watched Brendan navigate the public schools where inclusion absolutely didn’t always translate to social inclusion,” she said. “Here, he can be himself, and people either get it or they don’t.”

Now, people with disabilities frequently contact LeMieux online, and his work with fellow reporters on “How’s Your News?” has helped solidify his goal of helping people with disabilities through music.

“I’ve found people that I can really relate to and I see them as a family now,” he said. “I don’t feel embarrassed to tell people I have a disability.”

The show also has made him less self-conscious about his condition, he said.

“I’m reserved but it’s helped me also to break out of my shell,” he said of the show. “Once (viewers) get to know me they will see I am just a person who maybe has a health problem.”

“How’s Your News?” airs at 10:30 p.m. Sundays on MTV.

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