Friday, April 3, 2009

New Help for Williams Syndrome Diagnosis?

PharmaLive: Ontario Biotech Company Wins Award for Innovation and Receives Investment to Grow Business:

"Cytognomix is developing and manufacturing DNA probes that can pinpoint genetic abnormalities more precisely than current methods and could, in the future, result in more effective disease diagnostics and more tailored treatment pathways for patients.

“These probes are the genetic equivalent of finding a needle in the haystack,” commented Glen Smeltzer, President of the Stiller Centre. “We are extremely proud to present the inaugural Stiller Centre Prize to such an innovative local business.”


“Subtle differences in chromosome structure are very common in genetic disorders,” commented Dr. Rogan, who was named a Canada Research Chair this month. “The probes will enable quicker and more precise identification of these diseases and other genetic abnormalities, and will aid physicians in choosing relevant and suitable treatments for the patient.


One example of how these probes can be invaluable is in cases of Williams syndrome which causes the narrowing of the aorta, one of the heart’s major arteries. This syndrome can sometimes cause a disorder in some children that results in delayed mental development. Probes have already been developed to detect these abnormalities, which leads to the swift enrollment of the child in remedial programs.

“This is the real clout of genomics - to marshall the power of predictive medicine,” continued Rogan."

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