Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Cody recovering after open heart surgery

Baby Cody recovering after open heart surgery | KOMO News - Seattle, Washington | Local & Regional:

"Cody suffers from Williams Syndrome, a genetic disorder involving heart and vessel problems that sent Cody into cardiac arrest in the past.

'When I watched him go into cardiac arrest and when they told me my son was going to die, (it) was a lot worse than I ever thought could happen when they said what was wrong,' Mitchell said.

Doctors have since told Mitchell that they're lucky Cody has even made it this far.

'I kind of felt lost when they said there was nothing they could do for him,' she said.

Fortunately, Michell and her family found the Cleveland Clinic and a doctor who said there was something he could do for her son.

'And although I thought it was going to be a challenging case, I said, 'Sure, we can do this,'' said Dr. Constantine Mavroudis.

Believe it or not, doctors used a Gortex patch - made of the same material as waterproof clothing - to make Cody's pulmonary arteries larger."

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