Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MnMs Perform at Benefit Concert - Anderson Township News at Cincinnati.com

MnMs Perform at Benefit Concert - Anderson Township News at Cincinnati.com:

"Two talented young ladies giggle excitedly as they prepare for an upcoming performance as MnMs. Megan Neal and Maria Sexton began rehearsing together in September 2009 at Music Therapy Services in Anderson Township where both have studied music for several years.

'Building a relationship through music was the primary goal for these girls who sometimes have difficulty making friends due to their disabilities,' explains music therapist Mimi Sinclair. Megan has Asperger's Syndrome and Maria has Williams Syndrome. 'Both are amazingly gifted musicians and it's so wonderful to see them have fun together,' Sinclair says. Megan studies violin, guitar, piano, and voice. She also sings in the Cincinnati Children's Choir. Maria studies keyboard and sings in her school chorus.

They will perform this Saturday, January 30, at 'An Evening of Celebration' fundraiser for Applied Behavioral Services Autism Learning Center at Molloy's on the Green. Also performing are Team Lachey and Chaselounge."

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