Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Married Williams Syndrome Woman Talks About Her Life

Kerrville Daily Times (Texas)

But one way in which Lora particularly stands out from many people with the disorder is in her personal life.

“I’m very happy to have Mark because a lot of people with Williams Syndrome never get married,” she said.

The couple has been married for 18 years. They met while Lora was working for Churches Chicken in Kerrville as a greeter. Mark was a ranch hand at the time and would see her when he came into town.

“She was just real friendly to everybody,” he said. “On her application to Churches, she said one of her talents was giving hugs.”

The two became familiar with each other there, but they didn’t begin dating until after seeing each other at a singles Bible group. At the time, Mark knew nothing of his future wife’s condition and just assumed she merely had an uncommonly friendly disposition. And as far as her unusual facial features, all he saw was beauty.

“She’s always been the looker,” he said.

He learned about Lora’s condition when meeting his future in-laws for the first time. Like many parents of children with Williams Syndrome, Lora’s mother and step-father were highly protective of her.


The Lady of the Holler said...

This is such an encouraging article -- love knowing there are people with WS who are married! :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog because from the research I have read it implies that people with WS are unable to live 'normal' lives. I use brackets because what is normal? Congratulations to you both