Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scientists find new genetic clues that may link Autism to Williams Syndrome

Scientists find new genetic clues to autism - The Checkup - The Washington Post:

"The third analysis, led by by Matthew State of Yale and colleagues, group found an association between mutations and autism that, when deleted, also play a role in Williams syndrome, a rare developmental disorder. People with that condition tend to be highly social, sensitive and empathetic. In contrast, people with autism have difficulty interpreting social cues and interacting with others.

“This relatively small genomic interval clearly holds important clues to understanding the social brain,” State said in a statement.

But given the large number of genetic variations that the analyses have identified, the findings indicate that the condition is extremely complicated, the researcher said.

“The diversity implies that a treatment for one form of autism may have no value for the majority,” Wigler said."

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