Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cracks in the Sidewalk Look Bigger Than They Appear

Ava's Garden:

Kim writes of the progress her granddaughter Ava is making:

"Ava loves to toddle on the sidewalk, all the way to the end-turn around-and do it all over again. Unfortunately, the poor baby doesn't dare to look down while walking. It makes me sad that she gets stuck on a benign crack in the sidewalk. She gets visibly agitated and cries. It's a simple fix. Pick her up, move her past the crack, and she's good to go. Visuospatial issues, indeed. And what missing gene is responsible for my granddaughter having to walk as carefully as someone who is 80 years old?"


Amy said...

Hello Pastor Paul! I find your blog a very interesting compilation of materials, from the emotional to the factual and the spiritual. I hope to visit often.
My best,
Amy, mom to my own WS little person

Penny said...

Hi Pastor Paul. It is nice to see another Blog on WS.

Penny, mom to Keith,(4) with WS

kerux said...

Amy -
Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Feel free to let me know if you find anything of interest on the web that I have missed!

kerux said...

Penny -
Thanks for your comment. Looks like you have done lots of research as well on WS. I hope to link to your sites today. Feel free to pass on anything else you think might be of interest!