Friday, January 30, 2009

Sean Tuck Goes to Clemson University

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Sean, 21 of Greenville, has Williams syndrome — a rare genetic condition, estimated to occur in 1 of
every 7,500 births, which causes medical and developmental problems. But Sean gives very little indication
of someone who is labeled “intellectually disabled.”
Bright, funny, and friendly, Sean is one of three area charter students in Clemson’s new LIFE program.
Sharon Sanders, program manager, said the program is a college school-to-job transition for these
youths, just like all high school graduates...
Clemson University students are already lining up to provide support for the program. Education majors
will assist with delivering lessons, developing curriculum, and evaluating progress. Other undergraduates
will serve as LIFE Mentors and will accompany the Clemson LIFE students to sporting events and theater
presentations, work out with them at the gym, go to movies, and share meals on or off campus. Even the
student government is currently considering options like which committees the students could serve on.
“This is a very exciting opportunity for us to help these students out and make a difference in their future
while also contributing to a more inclusive campus environment,” said one Clemson student, “and to be
part of something bigger than ourselves.”

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