Sunday, January 18, 2009

Telluride Inside... and Out:MacKenzie Mansour skis with TASP

Telluride Inside... and Out:MacKenzie Mansour skis with TASP:

"Fourteen year old MacKenzie Mansour, from Lone Oak, TX, has been skiing with Telluride Adaptive Sports Program this past week. MacKenzie has a rare genetic condition known as Williams Syndrome. That has not stopped her from enjoying our mountain. I had the privilege of skiing with MacKenzie for three days. The progress was inspiring to observe. The attached video shows the increase in confidence between her first and third runs in Ute Park her second day out. Hurray for you, MacKenzie."

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clint said...

My name is Clint Viebrock. Telluride Inside...and Out is my family's creation. In addition I am a 10 year ski instructor with Telluride Adaptive Sports program, and last week had the opportunity of skiing with MacKenzie Mansour. It was a wonderful experience. The skiing was a blast, but on top of that I had the chance to see MacKenzie in action socially. She doesn't know the word "stranger". There are only friends she hasn't met yet.
Thanks for passing our post along.